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The Riverboat Era
Burk's Falls and District Museum
Burks Falls , Ontario


   This virtual exhibit deals
with the riverboat era of
Ryerson Township,
specifically Burk’s Falls.
The Magnetawan River flows
through the town of Burk’s
Falls, and in 1901, when the
Magnetawan River Railway
company built a rail line
into the town, the

combination of river and rail
made Burk’s Falls an ideal
site for tourism as well as
industry. The rail and river
system made the inland lakes
of Ryerson Township
accessible by a larger number
of people who came from
literally all over the

   Included in this exhibit
are photographs of Burk’s
Falls Wharf where the ships
docked, and also of the ships
themselves, particularly the
Armour and the Wanita.
Logging was closely tied to
the development of the
riverboat system as it
allowed lumber to be

transported and land to be
cleared. This industry
provided many jobs and this
exhibit displays many
photographs of loggers, the
ships involved, and the
Knight Brothers Plant in
Burk’s Falls. These images
show the growth of Burk’s
Falls into the thriving

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