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The French Connection
The Windsor Wood Carving Museum
Windsor , Ontario


   This project relates the
history of the French
settlers whose adventurous
spirit first brought them to
the banks of the Detroit
River three centuries ago.
Their folk carving and the
genesis of the Francophone
custom of wood crafting will
be prominently featured in

this exhibit.
   Wood pieces from Ontario,
Quebec and Michigan recall
the life of these hardy
French pioneers. Additional
artifacts such as wooden
objects used in everyday
pioneer life dating as far
back as 1754, pictures, maps,
and text will further shed

light on the experience of a
people whose indelible mark
is still being felt today.
Ever since the establishment
of the first French colonies
in Canada, wood was an
integral part of daily life
in New France. As the craft
evolved over the generations,
many settlers began to record

scenes and events using this
medium derived from the lush
forests of North America. The
museum's project aims to
relay the genesis of this art
form so firmly rooted in the
French Canadian experience.

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