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Murder in Navan
Cumberland Township Historical Society
Ottawa , Ontario


   June 1940. France had
fallen to the Germans, and
now Hitler had his sights set
on England. Spies and
saboteurs were a threat to
all Commonwealth countries
including Canada where people
in cities, towns and villages
were on high alert for
strangers. So itís not

surprising that suspicions
were raised in Navan, Ontario
on the morning of June 20th
when "a stranger with a
German accent" who "may have
been carrying a concealed
weapon" asked a local farmer
for directions to the nearest
railway station. Before noon
that day, a local Ontario

Provincial Police Constable
lay dead on the floor of the
station, and the stranger,
after a brief chase through
nearby fields, was killed by
police intent on avenging the
death of one of their own.
"Murder in Navan" recounts
the events surrounding the
murder of OPP Constable

Harold (ĎHalí) Dent by
"foreign thug" John Miki on
Thursday, June 20th, 1940 at
the Navan train station.

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