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Bowmanville! 150 Years of Celebrating Community
Bowmanville Museum
Bowmanville , Ontario


   In 2008, Bowmanville, a
picturesque town nestled on
the North shore of Lake
Ontario celebrated its
sesquicentennial with a
parade, historical re-
enactments, concerts, walking
tours, fireworks and much
more. This exhibit,
Bowmanville! 150 Years of

Celebrating Community uses
this settlement to explore
the historical significance
of celebrations and the
development of small town
   Celebrations in any town
stem from the beliefs and
traditions of the original
settlers. Bowmanville has a

strong connection to the
Loyalists who first arrived
in October, 1794, bringing
with them many honoured
British customs. Celebrations
in the early days highlighted
this British tradition as
well as the town’s rich
military history. As the town
developed, celebrations

focused less on Bowmanville’s
origins and more on the
current attributes of the
community. In time,
Bowmanville showcased its
status as a cultural centre
with many of the town’s world
renowned musicians figuring
prominently in the
celebrations. As well, people

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