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Lytton, Transformed by Transportation
Lytton Museum and Archives
Lytton , British Columbia


   This Community Memories
Project traces the
development of Lytton in
parallel to the
transportation routes that
have gone through the
Village, and defined its
   Lytton, British Columbia,
is located at the junction of

the Fraser and Thompson
   In pre-contact times, the
local First Nation peoples
traded dried salmon and
developed trade routes
through the rough
   Simon Fraser first
explored the area in 1808.

The location became even more
important as a stop-over for
explorers, then gold miners.
The Cariboo Wagon Road was
completed in 1863.
   The coming of the
transcontinental railways
caused a boom for Lytton. The
little town expanded to
accommodate railway workers

while building the
treacherous Fraser Canyon
portion of the railway.
   The 1920s brought the
automobile and the Fraser
Canyon Highway. This brought
another boom to Lytton, and
opened the area to tourism.
   In the 1960s, the present
Trans-Canada Highway was

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