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Greece Then, Greece Now: The Hellenic Community of Saskatoon
Museum of Antiquities
Saskatoon , Saskatchewan


   "Greece Then, Greece Now:
The Hellenic Community of
Saskatoon" is a Community
Memories project which
explores both the
relationship between daily
life in modern and ancient
Greece, and the history of
Greek immigrants to Canada
and more specifically,

   The project begins with a
recreation of the Museum of
Antiquities exhibit entitled
"Greece Then and Now." This
exhibit uses ancient
artifacts from the Museumís
permanent collection with
modern Greek artifacts loaned
by members of the Saskatoon

Hellenic Community. These
artifacts help to illustrate
comparisons and contrasts
between the daily life of
Greeks in antiquity and
today. The areas explored
under the umbrella of daily
life include: religion, food
and drink, marriage, music,
entertainment, sports, and

   After looking at Greece,
both modern and ancient, on a
more general scale, the
Community Memories exhibit
focuses on the history of the
Hellenic community of
Saskatoon. The first of three
storylines illustrating this
history focuses on the Order

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