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Fleur-De-Lys Then and Now
Dorset Soapstone Quarry Site
Fleur-De-Lys , Newfoundland and Labrador


Bartlett wrote, "Shes Gone
Bye, Shes Gone!"
   We would like to take
this opportunity to thank the
following people for
contributing to the
development of this exhibit,
without them this project
would not have been possible.
Hats off to; Jill Dempsey,

Neil Lewis, George & Millie
Walsh, the residents of Fleur
De Lys who gave us permission
to use their photos. Also we
would like to thank the
Canadian Heritage Information
Network for their support,
the Fleur De Lys Cap and
Library Committee as well as
the Dorset Eskimo Carving

Committee. Thanks again!

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