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Cow Head - Taking Pride in Our Past!
Dr. Henry N. Payne Community Museum
Cow Head , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Located on the west coast
of the Great Northern
Peninsula on the most
northern tip of the Gros
Morne National Park, Cow Head
was first named Cap Pointu by
Jacques Cartier on June 16,
1534. However, French
fishermen renamed the town
Tęte de Vache after a rock

shaped like a cow’s head.
   Traditionally divided
into two parts, Winterside or
"the main" and Summerside,
"the head," the divisions
reflect the location of early
settlers depending on the
season. Each spring, families
on Winterside moved their
"goods and Chattels" over to

their summer houses on the
head and returned to the main
in October when the fishing
season ended. In the late
1960s when the Fisheries
Resettlement Program was
launched, most residents
moved permanently to the
   This Community Memories

exhibit follows the
development of Cow Head
society until the second half
of the twentieth century when
social life in Cow Head still
centred on church, school and
family. Through stories and
photographs from the time of
the first inhabitants and
well known characters’s from

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