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Nightingale of the North-Georgina Stirling
Twillingate Museum and Crafts
Twillingate , Newfoundland and Labrador


Royal family in attendance;
her Paris debut; and the
Scalchi Operatic Tour in
   The crescendo of
Georgina’s brilliant but
short career took place at
Chioggia, Italy in 1898. This
was her night of triumph when
patrons released live

canaries in recognition of
her work.
   In the early 1900s, Maria
Toulinguet was confronted
with a serious throat
ailment. She was thrown into
years of despair and moved to
England to be near her
sisters, where she entered a
rehabilitation center. Her

voice never regained its
former grandeur.
   In 1929, Georgina
returned to live with her
ageing sister, Rose, in the
Twillingate house where she
was born. She had studied
horticulture while in England
and developed a unique flower
garden, growing fruit trees

and enough vegetables to
sustain them. She was a
respected citizen of the
community and once again
became very active in charity
work. The remaining six years
of Georgina’s life were happy
ones, spent quietly in the
town that had influenced her
early years. On Easter Sunday

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