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Nightingale of the North-Georgina Stirling
Twillingate Museum and Crafts
Twillingate , Newfoundland and Labrador


   How did a young girl from
an outport community on the
northeast coast of
Newfoundland gain
international recognition on
the stages of the world?
   The Twillingate Museum
Community Memories project
tells the story of
Twillingate-born opera

singer, Georgina Stirling.
   Georgina Ann Stirling
descended from an illustrious
family that provided a
comfortable home, a good
education and musical
training. Many musical
evenings were hosted by the
Stirling family, and their
active involvement in church,

community and charity work
enabled Georgina to perform
in public at an early age.
Her family recognized her
musical ability, and in 1888,
at the age of 21, Georgina
journeyed to Paris to begin
voice training under the
direction of Mathilde
Marchese. This was the

beginning of her brilliant
   “Maria Toulinguet,”
Georgina’s stage name, was
declared to be “The Greatest
Dramatic Soprano in the
World.” From 1890 through
1897, her prestigious
performances included LaScala
in Milan, with the Italian

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