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History of Railroading on Cape Breton Island
Orangedale Railway Museum
Orangedale , Nova Scotia


   From an extensive archival
library of information dating
back to the early days of the
railroad on Cape Breton
Island, the Orangedale
Railway Museum has assembled
an exhibit on the railway’s
contribution to the
development of this area and
to the building of a nation.

   Central to the exhibit is
the museum itself, built as a
railway station in 1886 for
the original Intercolonial
Railway (ICR). Now one of the
oldest railway stations in
Nova Scotia, the Orangedale
Railway Museum retains many
of the unique construction
features and building designs

of this era.
   The recorded voices of
retired railway workers and
other locals tell the story
of rail transportation in
Cape Breton against a visual
backdrop of locomotives, the
Orangedale Railway Station
and other images such as the
Scotia ferry crossing the

Strait of Canso. In their
own words, the people recount
past generations and local
   A history of railroading
on Cape Breton Island details
the locomotives that worked
in or passed through Cape
Breton Island, the
derailments, wrecks and rear

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