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Victorian Fashions in the Upper Ottawa Valley
Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village
Pembroke , Ontario


   On September 22, 1998, and
again on April 20,1999, the
Ottawa Valley Historical
Society presented “Victorian
Fashion Show: 100 Years of
Fashion from 1840-1940,”
drawing on the collection of
the Champlain Trail Museum.
The shows were put on at
Wesley United Church and

Calvin United Church, both in
Pembroke, Ontario. They were
the work of a large group of
very dedicated volunteers,
mostly members of the
Historical Society.
   Both shows were very well
attended and well-received.
In fact, public response to
the first one led to the

mounting of the second show
to meet demand.
   This exhibit is a record
of those fashion shows. It
includes the original
commentary from the shows,
written by Mrs. Eileen
Sexsmith. The commentary has
been augmented with
photographs detailing some of

the fashions that were
   As well, some social and
historical material has been
added to provide the viewer
with context in which to
place these period fashions.
It will be obvious that these
fashions belonged to members
of the wealthy class, and

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