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The Lobster Plug Story in West Pubnico
Acadian Museum and Archives of West Pubnico
Pubnico-Ouest , Nova Scotia


   During the years following
the expulsion of the French
colonists from “Acadie” in
1755, and their subsequent
return some 12 years later,
the small village of West
Pubnico retained its
traditional way of life. As a
result, it has become known
as the oldest region

remaining Acadian after 350
years. Through the hardships,
this tiny village in Nova
Scotia survived and
flourished, and was once
known as “the lobster plug
capital of the world.”
   Wooden lobster plugs, the
small pointed pieces of pine
that were used to keep the

lobster’s large claws shut,
were made by the millions in
West Pubnico, from the early
1900s until 1984. Lobster
plugs were made in other
communities, but not on as
large a scale. Some villagers
made a business out of buying
and selling plugs, while
others did it as a hobby and

to make a little extra money.
   For this exhibit, many
people of the community
helped by offering their
pictures, objects, and their
own personal stories from the
days of making lobster plugs.
Through photographs, videos,
text and oral reminiscences,
we hope to keep this unique

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