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Setting the Stage: Stratford Circa 1953
Stratford-Perth Museum
Stratford , Ontario


   Stratford, Ontario, circa
1953: Setting the Stage tells
the story of how Stratford's
business and community
leaders came together to
transform the now-famous
Stratford Festival from
vision to reality, and offers
a rich evocation of the
setting in time and place

from which the Festival
   Setting the Stage
documents the contributions
of the people whose
pioneering work behind the
scenes helped to shape the
Festival. Key among them are
Tom Patterson, credited as
founder of the Festival, and

Florence Pelton, the
Festival's first employee.
Members of the company from
the original season are also
portrayed through press
clippings, archival
photographs, and memorabilia.
   As part of Setting the
Stage, a fully autographed
program, collected by Robert

Hyde, the youngest member of
the junior choir during the
original season, has been
digitized. A sketch book
illustrating the costume
designs for the first season;
news clippings from July 13
to August 15, 1953; and a
Festival Helpers book,
wherein members of the

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