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Prelude to Confederation
Mockbeggar Plantation Provincial Historic Site (The)
St. John's , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The Mockbeggar Plantation
in Bonavista is the
birthplace of Confederation
in Newfoundland. It is now a
Provincial Historic Site and
restored to represent the
1939 period, when it became
the home of its most notable
owner, Senator F. Gordon
Bradley. Senator Bradley was

a prominent politician in the
government of Newfoundland
during the years of
responsible government when
Newfoundland achieved
Dominion status. He was the
leader of the opposition in
1933 when the Alderdice
government voted to rescind
the constitution and turn

over the governance of
Newfoundland to a commission
appointed by the British
government. At that time, he
was one of the last voices to
speak out for the retention
of self-government and the
very right to vote for which
the people of Newfoundland
had worked so hard, for so

many years. More than a
decade later, he led the
movement for confederation
when Newfoundlanders voted by
a narrow margin to become a
province of Canada, rather
than return to responsible
government and sovereignty.
   Senator Bradley was the
latest chapter in the history

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