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Another Point Of View: Northern BCs Story Through Photos
Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum
Prince George , British Columbia


   Since the first camera
entered the northern interior
of British Columbia, images
of its industrial heritage
have been abundant. Whether
taken as art, to capture
events; mark changes over
time; for incidental
background, practical
documentation or sentimental

memory; these pictures are
our communitys history and
photographic memoirs of times
   The Prince George Railway
and Forestry Museum displays
a large collection of
artefacts once central to
industry in the north.
Images of these artefacts

have been combined with
historical industrial images
to create an exhibit focused
on exploring our industrial
   "Another Point Of View -
Northern BC's Story through
Photos", will take you back
to a time when industry was
beginning to shape the land

and communities we call home
and it will take you there
six different ways.
   This exhibit was produced
with the support of the
Prince George Community
Foundation and the Canadian
Heritage Information

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