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Visiting the Memories of our Past
Big Droke Pre-Historic Cultures Foundation, Inc.
Bird Cove , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The Big Droke Foundation
exhibit, “Visiting the
Memories of Our Past”, has
become an integral part of
the theme of the Bird Cove
Interpretation Centre. The
theme “Past, Present and
Future” has been created at
the Interpretation Centre.
The visitor is taken on a

journey that covers the last
12,000 years of the region’s
history. Through
interpretation, a time line
and the museum rooms, the
visitor is brought to the
past and led to the future.
   The “Visiting the
Memories of Our Past” exhibit
has been incorporated in the

heritage room of the Bird
Cove Interpretation Centre.
Here, visitors and residents
alike experience the most
recent past of the families
throughout the region. These
images spark conversation
with the visitor and allow
the interpreter an
opportunity to relive stories

and events that have been
told by their ancestors. The
exhibit tries to highlight
the most significant events
that occurred within the
   In a region that has seen
an entire way of life halted
by the closing of the cod
fishery, it is interesting to

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