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Corner Brook - A Pulp and Paper Community
Corner Brook Museum & Archives
Corner Brook , Newfoundland and Labrador


   In 1922 Corner Brook was a
small but thriving community
on the Humber Arm of the Bay
of Islands in Western
Newfoundland. Sawmilling had
been an important activity
since the 1860's
   and the arrival of the
railway in 1898 provided a
reliable transportation link

with the rest of Newfoundland
and indeed the world.
Newfoundland had vast tracts
of forests accessible both by
water and by the new railway
and with the explosive growth
of newspapers in Europe and
North America tremendous
demands for new sources of
cheap pulp and paper was

required. In 1923
construction of the mill in
Corner Brook began and it
officially opened on August
1925. The mill had a profound
effect on western
Newfoundland. It was
responsible for the
development and growth of
Corner Brook. It created new

jobs, pumped millions of
dollars into the economy,
fostered hundreds of new
skills, generated dozens of
new services and stimulated
the construction of countless
projects including housing,
schools, recreation and
cultural activities and much
more. Visit "Corner Brook -

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