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Scrapbook History: Volunteer Women's Groups of Torbay
Torbay Museum
Torbay , Newfoundland and Labrador


   A Scrapbook History:
Voluntary Women's Groups of
Torbay, Newfoundland?
documents the history and
contributions of voluntary
women's groups in the
community, through materials
originally gathered by women
volunteers as part of a
Women's History Month

(October) project during
International Years of
Volunteers 2001. The
scrapbooks were then
deposited with Torbay Museum.
From Brownies and Girl Guides
to the Presentation Convent
Sisters who called Torbay
their home for many years,
women volunteers have played,

worked and prayed at a
patchwork of activities that
makes their organizations
part of the fabric of a
community that is not unlike
a Torbay Anglican Church
Women's quilt project.

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