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Journey through a Union Built Town
Sir William F. Coaker Heritage Foundation
Port Union , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Port Union, journey
through a " Union Built
Town," founded in 1916 by Sir
William Ford Coaker and the
Fishermen's Protective Union.
Follow in the footsteps of
the union leader, Sir William
Ford Coaker, and the union
members and discover how a
union changed the social

fabric of a country. The
Fishermen's Protective Union
became a force in the
Newfoundland Government.
   A rural Newfoundland
community became the center
of activity with a large
retail store that served
forty-outlet store, a salt
fish plant with electric

driers, seal plant, an
international fish and supply
trade with Europe, West
Indies, and South America, a
fleet of schooners, a spur
line railway, a weekly
newspaper "The Fishermen's
Advocate," coal shed, salt
shed, cooperage, carpenter
shop, row housing for the

workers, a soft drink
bottling factory, a hotel, a
storage facility with
electric elevators, its own
power generating plant, a
movie theatre, a large
convention center, and church
built to commemorate the
Coaker Recruits in World War

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