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Barbour Site's Display of the Seal Hunt - The Human Side
Barbour Living Heritage Village
Newtown , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Newfoundland has a vast
history involving the
harvesting of seals. The
negative side of the seal
harvest, however, often
overshadows the hardship
endured by the individuals
involved in this fishery.
This exhibit emphasizes the
plight of the sealer and the

human drama of men pitted
against the harsh elements of
the North Atlantic. The
perils of the seal hunt in
the past were far greater
than they are today even
though there is still great
human risk. In the early days
of the hunt when 1000 men to
a vessel was common, many

tragedies resulted including
the Newfoundland Disaster and
the Greenland Disaster.
   The seal hunt wasn’t only
hard on the men at the Front
but was also difficult
emotionally for those left at
home. The many worries of
having loved ones away were
very trying.

   This exhibit is intended
to reveal that the Seal Hunt
is not a sport but a way of
life fraught with great risk
and human sacrifice.

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