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Inukjuak Art History
Inuit Art Foundation
Ottawa , Ontario


   Inuit art as the world
knows it today has its
genesis in a serendipitous
meeting between artist
Nayomealook and Toronto
artist James Houston in 1940.
The remarkable artistic
legacy that begun that day is
documneted in Inukjuak Art
History with artwork,

articles, analysis and audio
spanning three generations.
   Connecting the community -
not to mention the world at
large - with Inukjuak's past,
fulfils the keen desire of
Inukjuamiut for information
about their own art history.
As is the case in most arctic
communities, the people in

Inukjuak lack easy access to
art galleries, catalogues,
and art books, and most
locally-produced artwork is
shipped south for sale with
little documentation. By
digitally repatriating art
images and historical
information to the North,
this Community Memories

exhibit will help
contemporary artists and
cultural workers build on the
accomplishments of their
   Inukjuak Art History
features approximately 300
digitized images of artworks
and artists collected over
half a century by the

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