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Pioneer Days
Badger Creek Museum
Cartwright , Manitoba


   [Pioneers Days: How the
early pioneers came to and
settled in Cartwright and the
surrounding area and what it
was like to live in those
   In the spring of 1879,
settlers traveled the
Boundary Commission Trail
south from Emerson, Manitoba

turning west near the U.S.
border to wind through the
Pembina Hills on to the
Turtle Mountains. Knowing
nothing of what lay ahead,
except what they’d heard five
years after the North West
Mounted Police traveled the
Trail to open up the Canadian
West, these pioneers found

their Promised Land in a
little valley in the middle
of nowhere: Cartwright,
   Where did these pioneers
come from and what were they
looking for? What did the
settlers find in Cartwright?
The Badger Creek Museum
follows their dreams and with

stories, pictures and
artifacts describes the
challenges they overcame, the
churches, schools and
businesses they built, the
pioneer life they lived.

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