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Lost Way of Life
Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation
Kingston , Ontario


investigation gives us a
tangible link to the heritage
of a community by sifting a
collection of artifacts
through the filter of context
and archival research to
compose a story of life long
past in a community.
   In Lost Way of Life,

archeological investigations
tell us five stories of how
people lived in and around
Kingston, Ontario over a span
of 300 years. These are
stories that reflect some of
the significant influences
woven into the fabric of the
Kingston community,
influences that have helped

to define the city's
   The first story begins on
July 12, 1673, when the
Governor of New France, Count
Frontenac, arrived at the
mouth of the Cataraqui River
to meet with leaders of the
Five Nations of the Iroquois.
While the groups met and

exchanged gifts, Frontenac's
men hastily constructed a
rough wooden palisade on a
point of land by a shallow,
sheltered bay. Thus was Fort
Frontenac founded, a site
located in what is now
downtown Kingston.
   The exhibit's second
story highlights the life of

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