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The Birth of a Community, The Story of Birchy Bay
Over the Top Museum
Birchy Bay , Newfoundland and Labrador


   This Community Memories
exhibit highlights the
landmarks of Birchy Bay, a
settlement born in the
wilderness of Newfoundland.
   Birchy Bay lies within
Notre Dame Bay on the
northeast coast of
Newfoundland. It is a small
isolated bay sheltered from

the wind and the waves of the
wild North Atlantic under
trees of birch and spruce. In
the early days these massive
stands of birch caught the
eyes of the early settlers
who named the bay after its
distinguishing landmark. The
rolling hills were covered
with birch, spruce and pine

right up to Jumpers Head, the
sentinel rock that rises
dramatically with its bald
granite core exposed and
weathered with time. Its name
brings back to life the tale
of a Beothuck warrior who
took his own life on this
hill. Beneath the rock runs a
pathway travelled by

countless generations beside
the cool, fresh waters of
Jumpers Brook. Near the mouth
of the brook is an island,
home to the earliest known
   Almost directly opposite
Jumpers Rock on the western
side of the bay are the
Factory Rocks, a few pieces

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