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The Musical and Agricultural Heritage of Eric Campbell
Pontiac Historical Museum
Shawville , Quebec


   Eric James Campbell, 1938-
2007; farmer, fiddler,
machinist, restored steam
engines and threshing
equipment, and hosted
threshing bees where an
actual oat crop was
harvested, as had been done
throughout North America,
between 1890 - 1950's.

   Eric and his wife Evelyn
organized a series of annual
Fiddler's Jamborees, which
attracted musicians and fans
from all over the Ottawa
Valley, and beyond. The
Campbells also produced maple
syrup, and sawed lumber with
a home-made sawmill, powered
by a steam engine. This

exhibit includes video clips
and photographs taken over
several years' events,
between 1990 and 1998.

   Without the visionary
involvement of Eric and
Evelyn Campbell, their
daughter Vera Lynn, these
events would not have
happened. They inspired the
dozens of willing workers who
gathered to harvest and stook
the grain, fork the sheaves,

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