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The Bathurst Pulp and Paper Industry -A Tale to Tell
Nepisiguit Centennial Museum & Cultural Centre
Bathurst , New Brunswick


   When Angus L. McLean and
other young entrepreneurs
first invested in a saw mill
on Chaleur Bay in New
Brunswick, they could not
have realized that their
venture would lay the
foundation for one hundred
years of prosperity in the
City of Bathurst.

   From the turn of the
century, the dense forests
around Chaleur Bay had
provided raw material for the
lumber and timber industry,
but McLean and other young
men from this area had bigger
dreams. In 1915, ten years
after acquiring the sawmill,
McLean’s company, Bathurst

Power & Paper built a paper
mill in Bathurst, introducing
a pulp and paper industry
that would become the
mainstay of the regional
   This Community Memories
exhibit, A Tale to Tell,
tells how the dreams of Angus
McLean and other young men of

the 19th and 20th centuries,
their initiative and
perseverance spurred the
development of the community
itself, from the small
village of Nepisiguit to a
town to a city.
   The community of Bathurst
embraced the vision of the
entrepreneurs and with hard

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