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A Century of Life By Water
Peachland Museum
Peachland , British Columbia


the creeks and streams as it
slides down the forested
hillsides. While other
communities rely heavily on
intake from the lake,
Peachlandís hillside orchards
are totally dependent upon
man-made irrigation systems
drawing from the hillside
watershed. Climate change is

bringing warmer and longer
summers and the snowpack is
melting earlier, leading to
longer dry-stream periods.
   As in the rest of the
Okanagan Valley, residential
development in Peachland is
placing great demands upon
land use and water resources,
challenging the capacity of

the century old water system
to provide secure water.
   Visitors to this exhibit
will appreciate that a
century of living by water
has endowed Peachland with a
rich heritage of stories,
lessons that can deepen our
appreciation of the life-

sustaining role of water in
the story of human

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