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The Ditch: Lifeblood of a Community
Oliver Museum
Oliver , British Columbia


   The area remained largely
undeveloped until the deep
recession following World War
I. With most of the province
facing 20 per cent
unemployment, returning
veterans encountered poor
prospects for work, but the
Liberal government of the day
under John Oliver devised a

plan for veterans to acquire
irrigated land at a
reasonable price. If people
could not find employment, at
least they could grow food
for their families. The South
Okanagan Lands Project, also
known as the 'Ditch' or the
John Oliver Project, was

   Over the years, this
project has proved to be an
essential cog in the overall
development and
sustainability of the South
Okanagan. Nevertheless, there
continue to be pressures on
the community's supply of
water. This Community

Memories exhibit offers a
historical overview of the
'Ditch', where strains on the
water supply exist today, and
what is being done to
conserve this precious
resource for the future.

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