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Paul Kane's Cobourg 1833-1834
Art Gallery of Northumberland
Cobourg , Ontario


   Paul Kane's time in
Cobourg, Ontario was limited
but it was an important time
for both the artist and the
community. His experience
painting local portraits
strengthened his skills of
observation; his employer
introduced him to his future
wife; and he made lifelong

friends among the town's
   This Community Memories
Exhibit, Paul Kane's Cobourg,
1833-1834 features some of
the early portraits that Kane
painted to supplement his
income as a furniture painter
as well as examples of the
furniture typical of Clench

furniture makers. Visual
images of Cobourg and
surrounding Northumberland
County, the town's prominent
figures and examples of art
work done by Paul's wife,
Harriet Clench add context to
Kane's work.
   Paul Kane represents
Northumberland County's rich

tradition of resident
artists, a tradition that
spans the area's history from
first settlement to present
day. Kane may have found his
fortune as the most famous of
all Canadian artist-explorers
after travelling across North
America and abroad, but his
powers of observation and

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