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Lumbermills of Port Moody
Port Moody Station Museum
Port Moody , British Columbia


   Port Moody boomed when the
Canadian Pacific Railway
(CPR) rumbled west in the
late 1800s. The town in the
Fraser Valley area of British
Columbia was to be the site
of the CPR terminus and the
new railway promised a rosy
future for every trade.
Lumber in particular was in

demand for wharves, round
houses, bunkhouses,
storehouses as well as
millions of railway ties,
bridges, and trestles and
prospects for the area seemed
endless. Then CPR announced
that Port Moody would not be
the railway’s terminus
station and extended the line

further west to Vancouver.
Many CPR employees and their
families left Port Moody for
the new western terminus,
many businesses shut down and
the city’s economy was
   Port Moody’s lumber
industry was saved when
several new sawmills and

shingle mills began operating
near Burrard Inlet, providing
hundreds of jobs and
attracting new residents to
the area. In fact, Perry Roe,
Port Moody’s first mayor, was
so enthralled with what he
heard about British Columbia
that he immediately moved
from the United States to

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