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LSSR-105 Years of Service-June 2005
Thunder Bay Military Museum
Thunder Bay , Ontario


   The Lake Superior Scottish
Regiment (LSSR) has a long
and honourable history, from
the creation of the first
militia unit at Port Arthur
in 1885 through to the
present day. This Community
Memories exhibition is built
around six storylines. The
first, which covers the 96th

District of Algoma Battalion
of Rifles, details regimental
affairs from 1885 to 1896. In
1905, the unit adopted a new
name "the 96th Lake Superior
Regiment" and the second
storyline covers the time
period following the name
change up until the First
World War in 1914.

   The exploits of the unit
between 1914 and 1919, when
it became known as the 52nd
(New Ontario) Battalion, CEF
are the subject of the third
segment of the exhibition,
while the fourth story line,
the "Lake Superior Regiment,"
covers the period 1919 to
1939. The fifth part revolves

around the Second World War.
After Canada joined the war,
the Lake Superior Regiment
(Motor) was reformed into two
battalions one of which was
deployed to England, while
the other stayed home to
train troops. The sixth and
last storyline covers the
history of the unit from 1946

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