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Police are People Too!
Sudbury Region Police Museum
Sudbury , Ontario


   We see them as every day
police officers in uniform.
We see them as crime fighters
and protectors, sometimes
social workers, sometimes
forensic investigators. We
may not see that those who
lay their lives on the line
every day to protect us also
serve their community as

friends, mentors, volunteers
and family members. Our
everyday heroes often go
unsung for their work in the
community on special projects
and fundraisers.
   Dedicated to the police
officers and civilians of the
Greater Sudbury Police
Service, this exhibit offers

a unique opportunity to
understand the real—the
ordinary—lives of those
charged with protecting
public safety, those who live
by the words, "our community,
our commitment."
   The Sudbury Region Police
Museum would like to thank
all those who made this

project possible especially:
Chief Ian Davidson and
members of the Greater
Sudbury Police Service;
Michael Mirka, Principal,
Sharon Debrie and her
students, Jamie Cyr and Jacob
Charette from Confederation
Secondary School; Bill
Marotta, Project Manager;

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