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Mentoring Artists for Women's Art - Building Community Through Mentorship
Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, Inc.
Winnipeg , Manitoba


   For 25 years, a very
special organization in
Winnipeg, Manitoba has been
nurturing women artists, some
of whom have reached critical
acclaim and are now
recognized as the best in
their fields.
   This exhibit outlines the
work of Mentoring Artists for

Women's Art (MAWA), a group
that encourages and supports
the intellectual and creative
development of women in the
visual arts. At the core of
MAWA’s efforts is the
mentoring of women artists in
the early and middle stages
of their careers.
   MAWA hosts guest artists,

presents artists’ talks and
lectures, offers workshops
geared to artists’ specific
needs, facilitates reading
groups and organizes
exhibitions and symposia
featuring works by local,
national and international
women artists. In this way,
MAWA provides an ongoing

forum for education and
critical dialogue.
   Thousands of women have
been served by MAWA’s
programs and hundreds have
given back with their labour,
contributing to the
organization in countless
ways. They serve on the board
and on committees. They

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