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The Saskatchewan River - Highway Through History
Sam Waller Museum
The Pas , Manitoba


   The "Highway Through
History" exhibition recounts
the extraordinary importance
of the lower Saskatchewan
River to the region around
The Pas, Manitoba. This
iconic river was a vital
route for the exploration and
industry that opened the
territory now known as

western Canada. From the time
of pre-contact First Nations
travel through the fur trade
era to the settlement and
industrialization of the
first half of the 20th
century, it was the main
transportation artery for
people of the area.
   This exhibition uses

photographs, narratives and
the wealth of information in
The Pas on travel, trade and
the people who settled along
the Saskatchewan River to
interpret the rich history of
the waterway. By
incorporating research and
information from the oral
histories and reminiscences

of community members, the
presentation brings alive the
story of Canada’s first
"highway system" and its
crucial impact on this corner
of the country and beyond.

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