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Fishing in Grosse Ile and on Entry Island - Yesterday & Today
C.A.M.I.'s Historical Heritage Complex
Grosse Isle , Quebec


   Lobster fishing today
should be easier than it was
years ago when fishermen
owned little equipment and
earned little income. More
sophisticated technology
allows access to the best
fishing grounds and produces
larger catches and higher
incomes, but as this

Community Memories exhibit so
vividly illustrates, lobster
fishing is still hard work, a
lifestyle with a long
tradition of dedication and
   The photos, video and
audio clips of Fishing in
Grosse Ile and on Entry
Island Yesterday & Today

describe in detail the
evolution of an industry
where the fishing season
lasts only nine weeks, but an
enormous number of hours in
the months before and after
are dedicated to the
preparation and repair of
vessels and gear.
   Visitors to this exhibit

will also discover that the
mackerel, cod and halibut
fishing industries are
similarly arduous.
   The Council for
Anglophone Magdalen Islanders
is grateful to the other
cultural organizations and
community members who
collaborated to create this

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