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Scouting In Brant: A Community's History
Brant Museum and Archives
Brantford , Ontario


   On a Saturday morning in
the spring of 1910, a number
of West Brantford boys were
playing on the river bank
when a young Scotsman
approached them. He asked if
the boys had ever heard of
the Boy Scouts and whether
they would be interested in
joining. The lads knew

nothing of the Boy Scouts,
but soon the young Scot,
Allan MacFarlane had
persuaded them to form the
first scouting troop in
   By the end of 1910 there
were four Scouting units in
Brantford, the genesis of a
movement that would be an

integral part of the
community for 100 years. The
West Brantford Troop, with
MacFarlane as Scoutmaster and
W.E.L. Hart as Assistant
Scoutmaster, carried on until
the onset of the Great War
and MacFarlane went on to
become District Commissioner
of Scouts Canada, Brant area.

   This Community Memories
exhibit explores the history
of Scouting in Brant County
from 1909 until the present
day. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts,
Venturers, Rovers and Leaders
recount their exciting
adventures in scouting
against a backdrop of photos
and artifacts, bringing to

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