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Canoe Builders of PikwÓkanagÓn
Algonquin Way Cultural Centre (The)
PikwÓkanagÓn (Golden Lake) , Ontario


Jacqueline and sons Greg and
Tom are highly respected
canoe builders. In the 1970s
and 1980s, Stanleyĺs nephew
Dave Sarazin and Percy
Commanda made their names in
the field.
   Ideally, this exhibition
will inspire young people of
the community to learn the

traditional ways of canoe
building so that they may
pass the craft on to their
children, preserving it for
generations to come.

   Information for this
project was collected by
Michele Gaudry,Aimee
Bailey,Bill Sterling,Sylvia
Tennsico of PikwÓkanagÓn
during 2007-2008.

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