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Bentley and Area Schools
Bentley Museum
Bentley , Alberta


   Is the little old country
schoolhouse of television and
movie screens the stuff of
romance or reality? That
question is answered in this
Community Memories Exhibit,
"Bentley and Area Schools."
   Every detail of life in a
one-room school is told in
this history of schools in

and around Bentley, Alberta,
including the Hutterite
Colony school: social
activities and playground
games and sports,
transportation to and from
school, means of punishment,
school artifacts, students'
and teachers' fashions, water
sources and school

   Life was hard in early
pioneer days, but with
determined leadership these
one-room schools flourished.
   This exhibit would not
have been possible without
the help of the members and
organizations of Bentley who
graciously provided images,

memories and stories and the
Bentley Museum volunteers who
conducted interviews and
researched data and

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