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Speed, Brawn & Beauty: The History of the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival
Sam Waller Museum
The Pas , Manitoba


Trager and Ben Dembinsky,
convened the first modern-day
Northern Manitoba Trapper’s
Festival in 1947, reasoning
that Northern Manitobans
needed an activity to
brighten up the long, cold
winters. Basing it on the
early trappers’ competitions,
the rendezvous evolved to

feature competitions in
sports such as dog-mushing,
ice fishing, snowshoe racing,
rat skinning, and trap
setting. As a kind of Mardi
Gras of the north, the
festival culminates in the
naming of a King and Queen
trapper. Perhaps there is
nothing more Canadian than

fur trapping and winter
festivals and The Pas,
Manitoba, celebrates both
activities annually in a most
successful way.

   We would like to
acknowledge all of the
community members who
participated in the Sam
Waller Museum's Year Three
Oral History Project. We
would also like to
acknowledge our Board and
Staff who have assisted with

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