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The Little Stone House
Bothwell-Zone Oil Museum
Bothwell , Ontario


   The Little Stone House, a
unique structure near the
towns of Thamesville and
Bothwell in Ontario, has
inspired wonder and curiosity
in all those who pass it by.
It started existence in the
early 1900s as a
homesteaderís humble two-
storey clapboard dwelling.

The modest home then provided
shelter for those who worked
the land during a time when
the economy was beginning to
feel the onset of the Great
   In 1926, Sarah Gamble
bought the property as a gift
for her husband, Stanley, a

local mason. It was his
dreams, ingenuity and
determination that
transformed this plain house
into a unique structure.
Large stones from the nearby
Thames riverbed were used to
turn the cabin into a replica
of a British country cottage.
And after Sarah died, Gamble

formed a business partnership
with local artist Annie
Aldred. Together they forged
ahead to turn the property
into a place of distinction
as a tea house and residence.
The building would become a
reference point for those who
travelled along the highway
corridor and to this day itís

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