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Sagebrush, Steers and Saddlesores
Historic Hat Creek Ranch
Cache Creek , British Columbia


   Ranching has been the
backbone of the economy in
British Columbia's southern
interior for over a century
but little is known about the
generations of rugged
ranchers and cowboys who
lived and worked here. In
this Community Memories
exhibit the history of our

local cowboys comes alive.
   The exhibit focuses on
the ranches and homesteads
around Historic Hat Creek
Ranch, located approximately
11 km. north of Cache Creek,
B.C. This ranch was one of
the first roadhouses along
the "Cariboo Wagon Road,"
raising its own livestock to

supply fresh meat to weary
travelers headed for the
goldfields at Barkerville.
   First, a photographic
overview of the life of a
cowboy during the time period
of 1850 to 1950 describes the
tools of their trade and the
skills required to work in
the tough environment of a

cattle ranch without the help
of modern equipment.
   The second part of the
exhibit portrays some of the
individuals who were drawn to
this lifestyle of hard work,
long days, low pay, exposure
to heat, wind, rain and snow
and the ever-present danger
of injury from a green-broke

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