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Thunder Bay Military Museum History Series: HMCS GRIFFON
Thunder Bay Military Museum
Thunder Bay , Ontario


   Long before the Ontario
towns of Port Arthur and Fort
William joined forces to
become the city of Thunder
Bay, the Canadian Navy had a
strong presence there in the
form of the Sea Cadets and
the Naval Reserve Division,
HMCS Griffon. This
retrospective details the

evolution of HMCS Griffon
against the backdrop of 20th-
century history and politics.
   When the Canadian
military created the Port
Arthur Naval Division in
1937, the new entity shared
quarters with the Lake
Superior Regiment at the Port
Arthur Armoury. In 1944, it

moved into its current
location on Algoma Street,
which also houses HMCS
Vindictive sea cadets.
   The years of the Second
World War were important ones
in Canadian military history
and the exhibition explores
HMCS Griffon history during
that time through interviews

with veterans such as a Wren
(female naval personnel), a
gunner, and a torpedoman. The
presentation also traces the
part played by HMCS Griffon
and local military in the
Korean War, outlines the
effects of the 1968
unification of Canada’s
forces and follows dramatic

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