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Above & Beyond - Early Yukon Aviation
Yukon Transportation Museum
Whitehorse , Yukon Territory


   Flying in the frigid north
has long been a fascination
of many. What does it take to
land on a glacier with only
your intuition to guide you?
What does it feel like to fly
through a storm knowing that
to survive you must land in
rugged terrain in a clearing
the size of a dime and then

walk 300 kilometres through
weather to the nearest
   That was the life of a
Yukon bush pilot, a daredevil
who flew on "bush sense" and
nerves of steel, whose best
friend was a plane with
limited technology. It is

these bush pilots with
"vision beyond" who inspired
the technology and the
legends that have shaped
modern aviation.
   In this Community
Memories exhibit, the Yukon
Transportation Museum
explores the advent of Yukon
aviation, a development that

changed the face of the
north, opening up the frozen
wilderness to visitors and
permanent residents.

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