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MacDonald House Museum tells its story.
MacDonald House Museum
Whycocomagh , Nova Scotia


   MacDonald House and the
MacDonald family played a
significant role in the
community of Cape Breton,
Nova Scotia, in the mid- to
late-19th century. The house
was the location of the post
office and the way station
and as such was a gathering
point for many people.

Between the 1850s and the
1890s, Charles MacDonald
bartered, provided credit and
kept the community alive from
a store he ran from his home,
and indeed the building
served as a home until the
1980s, when the last of the
family left. In time,
Charles’ namesake and

descendant, Charles N.
MacDonald, generously donated
the house and some land to
the Lake Ainslie Historical
   This exhibition traces
the history of the family,
exploring the relationships
created through intermarriage
with other families of Lake

Ainslie, using county land
records, deeds and wills.
Census records tell of family
size and what the surrounding
farm produced. Surviving
ledgers and family stories
reveal a great deal about the
store on the property and the
exhibition uses photos,
documents, information from

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