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Tuhaalruuqtut, Ancestral Sounds
Inuit Heritage Centre
Baker Lake , Nunavut


   Against a background of
photographs from the farthest
north, the Inuit elders of
Baker Lake sing and tell of
great exploits and suffering.
Their story is one of
endurance, patience, courage,
frailty, joy and a common
bond with all the people of
this vast, bountiful,

beautiful and sometimes
frigid land.
   The exhibit's opening
photograph of Marion Tulluq's
1978 wall hanging, People,
Shamans and Spirits (property
of the National Gallery of
Canada) sets the scene.
Photographs from the National
Archives of Canada taken by

government geologist Major
L.T. Burwash on his trek
along the Thelon River
through Baker Lake with J.W.
and J.B. Tyrell set the stage
for the Inuit story. Images
from the Danish Museum of the
Fifth Thule Expedition to
Baker Lake in 1922 follow.
Pages from Robert McGhee's

book, Ancient People of the
Arctic and several
photographs of the Inuit
Heritage Centre and local
residents add to the drama. A
photograph of Victoria
Mamnguqsualuk Kajurjuk's 1970
print of the Keeveok's Family
(property of the Sanavik Co-
op of Baker Lake, Nunavut) is

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