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Miramichi Memories - The River People
Miramichi Salmon Museum Inc.
Doaktown , New Brunswick


   Fly-fishing on the banks
of the Miramichi River is an
art form that has been around
for centuries. Dating back to
the early 15th century,
journals have recorded the
successes and failures of
fishermen in their prime of
angling... and while there
are still many anglers today,

there are few "youth"
enjoying this sport.
   Fly-tying is an art form
that dates back to medieval
times and beyond. However,
very few "youth" have the
privilege of enjoying this
experience. Fly-tying can be
an absorbing art form on its
own. Many people tie flies

for the sheer enjoyment of
it; yet some tie for the
pleasure of others.
   The Atlantic Salmon
Museum sits on the banks of
one of the most productive
salmon rivers in the world,
in both past and present day
history. Not only is the
Southwest Miramichi River

among the top ten cleanest
rivers in the world; it is
home to the elusive Atlantic
salmon that has tempted the
skill of men for centuries.
Its history is both colourful
and diverse, changing with
time and industry, especially
in this past century when we
realized that our river and

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