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Buildings Through Time: Harris Road Then and Now
Pitt Meadows Museum
Pitt Meadows , British Columbia


   At the time of its
incorporation in 1914 Pitt
Meadows was a small,
agriculturally based
community with a population
of less than 250 individuals.
The community existed
principally to supply larger
urban areas to the west,
mostly Vancouver and New

Westminster, with produce and
dairy products. The
municipality's residents were
scattered and many only
ventured to the centre of
town on a monthly, or even
less regular, basis. Today
Pitt Meadows boasts a
population of more than
16,000 residents and has

evolved into a thriving
bedroom community with a
continued agricultural
   This exhibit is based on
the Pitt Meadows Museum's
Harris Road indoor walking
tour and is intended to
introduce the viewer to a
variety of buildings and

sites, some that predate the
incorporation of Pitt Meadows
and others that were
constructed early in the
municipality's existence.
Due to the efforts of the
municipal government, private
individuals, businesses and
community groups many of
these buildings have been

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