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Pioneers of Saanich
Log Cabin Museum and Archives
Saanichton , British Columbia


   The Saanich Pioneer Museum
tells the stories of the
brave, courageous families
who have, over many years,
settled in this once heavily
forested wilderness on
southern Vancouver Island,
British Columbia.
   The first white settlers,
employees of the Hudson Bay

Company, arrived in 1852
after a six-month voyage on
the HBC ship, the "Norman
Morrison," crossing the
Atlantic Ocean, sailing down
around Cape Horn, then north
along the American coast to
Fort Victoria in the colony
of British Columbia.
   These families worked on

the farms surrounding Fort
Victoria, living side by side
with the local Coast Salish
people. Families who chose to
stay after their five-year
tenure with the Hudsonís Bay
Company purchased farmland
from the HBC north of Fort
Victoria in what was then
called Saanich, a rural

peninsula with an oceanic
temperate climate. In this
idyllic, fertile valley,
families worked side by side
to leave a legacy of hard
work and endurance.
   On the first of July,
1933, the Saanich Pioneer
Museum opened with the
descendants of many pioneer

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