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Secwepemc History: The First 220 Years of Contact
Secwepemc Museum and Heritage Park
Kamloops , British Columbia


   This Community Memories
exhibit traces the evolution
of Secwepemc village life
over 220 years after first
contact with European
explorers and settlers.
   The Secwepemc History
The First 220 Years of
Contact opens in the pre-
contact village in 1763 with

Chiefs, sub-chiefs and
community members working
together to make a whole.
Following changes in the
Secwepemc village government,
the transformation of summer
and winter homes and the
establishment of Indian
reserves and residential
schools, the exhibit ends in

1983 with the closing of
residential schools in
British Columbia.
   The exhibit preserves the
Secwepemc people's history
for future generations and
provides an opportunity for
the Secwepemc people to share
their diverse culture and
heritage with other Canadians

and an international

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